Are online friends real?

This is kind of topic that will always be debated. Given my non-chalant attitude about everything, my answer is, “I don’t really care if they’re real or not, I only care about if I care about them.” Can you quantify the amount of fucks given? Can you put a number on how much you care?

Do aliens exist?

If you want me to answer this, then you’ll have to agree on one thing: don’t interrupt me until I say, “I’m done.” I’m going to ask a bunch of rhetorical questions you’re not supposed to answer. Do you agree with this stipulation?

Why video games are hard for tryhards

I like playing games. To be specific, I like playing online multiplayer games.

Where is my privacy? Transparency out of control.

The other day, I pledged to a project on Kickstarter on May 18. It was the first time I made an account on that website. On May 22, I got an email from GoFundMe: a person named “Casey Atkins” (not a real name) was requesting for donations. I’ve never signed up for GoFundMe. Seriously, are Kickstarter and GoFundMe the same entity under the hood?

Beginning a Docs-as-Code journey

As a newly minted tech writer, I’ve had the pleasure to be given my first project in the software department: organize internal documentation. When you have guests come over, cleaning the rooms becomes a mad dash. And as I would expect, if external documentation is the polished, spick-and-span room where your guests are visiting, the internal documentation looks like the closet crammed of stuff.

Crossing Guard

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher had the “star of the week” activity where one of us would have our life details hung up on a wall. Each of us had to fill out a profile about ourselves: what we liked to do, what we wanted to be when we grew up, what was our favorite animal, yellow construction-paper star, a crayon self-portrait.

Poems are stupid

Poetry is a special literary art. They sound or look pretty.

On Tense and Time

Controlling the narrative of time is the purpose of the comedian, the storyteller, and the writer.

Fiction Style Guide

Well, it’s been a long ride. I’ve finally completed all my coursework for a bachelor’s in Tehcnical Communication. I don’t know how I feel about this whole COVID-19 nonsense that’s been going on for over a year. I think working with non-fiction for 4+ years has fried my brain. Maybe I’ve always preferred non-fiction? As I kid I loved documentaries as much as Disney movies.

Adam & Eve

In Christian faith, the first sinner was Eve, who ate of the fruit that God commanded to ignore. The second sinner was Adam, who brought mortality upon man.

Spruce Up

Some changes to the site: the Front page features my main work more prominently. Also, I made a new banner image for The Overzealous Healer. I really like it! It’s used in Chapter 39 because of a flashback. I’m going to use it more in the future.

Word count update: May 4th

The Overzealous Healer’s word count on chapter 26: 45,273

Word Count

Twelve chapters in “The Overzealous Healer” and I have written 18,895 words! This is a first for me, and such a long story. I don’t think I can keep up steam without burning out, so I’ll slow down (I still have classwork during Coronavirus lockdown, heh). A novel is 50,000+ words; I’m not even halfway there, but eventually I will be. I have about 4,400 words worth of snippets for the plot, and I’ve been fleshing out the outline with more adventures. I wonder at what point the plot will reach, if/when I hit 50,000.


Myself as a person, I’m sarcastic and blunt so it’s hard to make characters who are NOT sarcastic and blunt. I’ll try to introduce a variety of speaking styles to reflect real life.

Some Artwork

Heya, here’s a new banner image! Looks cool right?
I’m glad with how the Chinese characters turned out, but I’m still working on that. This is just a sneak glimpse of a tablet that summarizes this story’s magic system.
Unfortuantely English words are too long and don’t fit into circles, so that’s why I used Hanzi since I can represent a concept in a nutshell.
Also, it will make it easier for any Chinese or Japanese readers to understand… hah…ha…

Setting up the site

This will be a new home for Neishen Citizen N0000 to post stories and entertainment.
Welcome to the Neishen.

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