HSV to RGB integer conversion and the joy of reading techncial research

Recently, I have been obsessed with the idea of breeding different colored Pokemon...

Email Improvement Exercise - Localization

This is a case study on improving the readability of an internal corporate email. I focus on high-level factors such as organization and audience rather than small details like formatting and diction.

Gardening Log 2

This was a terrible April for planting. The first half of April was almost drought-like and it reached June temperatures.

"We All Lift Together" Lyrics Analysis

We All Lift Together is a song from the video game Warframe. It's an excellent piece and I wanted to apply poetry analysis techniques to the lyrics—scansion analysis in particular.

When theme is more important than character

No more aimless just-write-and-the-theme-will-come-to-you. No. If I truly care about polishing the work to a high level, write with a theme in mind from the beginning.

Scheduling doctor appointments

Well, this sounds embarrassing, but I scheduled a doctor’s appointment by myself for the first time.