[Review] The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

A river sifting and winding backwards, into the history and the unglamourous cruft of cancer treatment. This non-fiction novel chronicles a journey on how we’ve developed cancer medicine.

[WIP] Fifty Fifty-Word Fictions

Currently a work in progress. The goal is to reach fifty 50-word prompts.

Use a matrix to show the value of a technical writer

Technical writing ain’t sexy. You don’t produce numbers to brag about, and words are cheap. The work itself is like being forced to eat vegetables.

How to create an online textbook

This guide is meant to be an easy and hands-off experience with publishing a textbook to the web, for free. It will let you practice sustainable authorship, expose you to static site generators, try Git as a collaborative tool, and understand why cloud computing is popular.

How to edit if you are an "underwriter"

Your creative writing prose goes too fast. Unlike many writers, who pour out words of senseless generosity, your style is terse. You're an underwriter. But why?

[Review] The Lure of the Basilisk by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Featuring a non-human protagonist, the imposing Garth has a simple wish: to be remembered well.