Spruce up by creating mockups

Some changes to the site: the Front page features my main work more prominently. Also, I made a new banner image. I’m going to use it more in the future.

I love the ancient Chinese flags. I think the style is called Warring States because that’s the time period they’re from? They’re so extra with the strips and fringes. The fringes look very aggressive and impressive. Well, even if they spend the time cutting and sewing fringes, they probably saved money by painting on the designs instead of embroidering like European flags do.

Source images: Landscape Source Flag Source

Tutorial #

How to Design Mockup in Photoshop This video was very helpful. I recently learned about product mockups and I had no idea these were a thing! What the heck is this black magic?! Joking, I’m too fkin used to drawing in video editing software, but Photoshop really does have so many features.

I took an image of a Chinese flag and whitened it, airbrushed out the existing design, then made a mockup template.