About N. S. Reiss

By night, N. S. Reiss is an author enslaved to dark themes, creepy short stories, and exercises in frustration. By day, a technical writer.


What is this blog for?
This is the website of an insomniac writer. You might find insightful posts about writing for fun, writing for corporations, and text processing. However, it’s mostly rambling and dialectics.

Which genres do you write?
Most of my stuff accidentally ends up as horror or science fiction 👾.

I would like to write crime thrillers in the future. Fantasy crimes, cyberpunk crimes, imagined crimes—

I find that when I try to write in a certain genre the story ends up completely different. I wrote a postmodernist short story but it got interpreted as a psychological horror. Either those two genres are related, or I just suck.

Which genres do you read?
For fiction: weird, horrible, and funny.
I like most non-fiction, in particular: psychology, true-crime, anthropology, and history.

Why are you so grumpy?
I may be apathetic about a lot things, but I care very much about the concept of humanity.

Skeleton drinking coffee, but the liquid falls through its chin

Stuff I Read

If you’ve already checked out my reviews and want to know what else I waste my time on: