About the Neishen

Welcome to the universal country called "Dead Inside." Everything here is criminally bleak. If you prefer a more positive atmosphere, I suggest visiting the sunny beaches of late 21st century Antarctica.

N. S. Reiss is a Boomer-raised, Zoomer-phased, Doomer-glazed nugget who writes dark, short form fiction.

Nèishēn sǐwáng


Q. What is this blog for?
A. Never sleep, gotta write.

Q. Which genres do you write?
A. In no particular order: absurdist, transgressive, dark, psychological, horror.

Q. Why do you write?
A. Because it matters.

Q. Which genres do you read?
A. I like most non-fiction, in particular: psychology, true-crime, anthropology, and history. For fiction: weird, horrible, and funny.

Q. Why are you so depressing?
A. I came out of the womb cynical. I may be apathetic about a lot of small things, but I care very much about the concept of humanity.

Skeleton drinking coffee, but the liquid falls through its chin

Stuff I Read

If you've already checked out my reviews and want to know what else I waste my time on:

*My Chinese actually sucks, I'm not fluent. It's why I became an English major. Ha! Ha!

I've been trying to learn Japanese, although that got derailed somewhat. いつか、maybe I'll learn to speak Asian.