About "dead inside"

Welcome to the shores of singularity. Everything here is criminally bleak. If you prefer a more positive atmosphere, I suggest visiting the sunny beaches of late 21st century Antarctica.

By night, N. S. Reiss is an author enslaved to dark themes, creepy short stories, and speculative despair. By day, a technical writer.

Nèishēn sǐwáng


Q. What is this blog for?
A. Never sleep, gotta write.

Q. Which genres do you write?
A. In no particular order: absurdist, transgressive, dark, psychological, horror.

Q. Why do you write?
A. Because it matters, and I have no life.

Q. Which genres do you read?
A. I like most non-fiction, in particular: psychology, true-crime, anthropology, and history. For fiction: weird, horrible, and funny.

Q. Why are you so depressing?
A. I came out of the womb cynical. I may be apathetic about a lot things, but I care very much about the concept of humanity.

Skeleton drinking coffee, but the liquid falls through its chin

Stuff I Read

If you've already checked out my reviews and want to know what else I waste my time on:

*My Chinese actually sucks, I'm not fluent. It's why I became an English major. Ha! Ha!

I've been trying to learn Japanese, although that got derailed somewhat. いつか、maybe I'll learn to speak Asian.

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I will answer anything, probably, except marketing stuff, unless it's really god-tier marketing.

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