Technical Writing & Communication Resources

Sep 26 2021

Organizations #

Society for Technical CommunicationUSA
Write The DocsSoftware bias, but any profession
American Medical Writers AssociationFor medical, obviously

Videos #

Mastering StyleHow to be a window for your audience

Sites #

Diátaxis FrameworkWhy you should separate documentation into 4 types of deliverables
Programming HistorianProgramming for writers
Sample TemplatesAnything from business correspondence to design documents

Blogs #

I’d Rather Be WritingTom Johnson writes and hosts interviews and podcasts
Kayce BasquesSoftware-based technical writer

Specialties #

Information Architecture #

MECE Framework McKinseyThe Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) principle is used to break data into manageable and efficient parts. This page has nice diagrams to explain it.

Intellectual Property #

IP is actually kinda funny, you gotta write clearly, but without giving away too much detail. Some spoofing is in order…

WIPO Patent Drafting ManualInternational standard

DevRel #

The difference between a software developer and an engineer is that engineers document their stuff.

API Docs I Like #

No better teacher than good examples, because we should always copy and steal from the Old Masters.

Clearbit #

  • Structure is direct and straightforward
  • Not too many animations
  • Tables are clean (unlike some monstrocities that span the horizontal width and have 3+ columns for some reason)
  • No collapsing menus in the body content (easy to Ctrl-F)
  • I find it interesting that they hide the scrollbar and the fact that it’s 1 gigantic page. Hmm 💡?

Blah blah ideas #

  • “How to involve tech writers with software development”
  • “What to do when people hate reading”
    • “Balancing time constraints for creating images and videos with text”
  • Criteria to consider when designing a docs-as-code pipeline
  • Screw English, write in your native language
  • MECE for documentation