I bought a "dumbboard" for distraction-free writing

So I read an article called AlphaSmart Neo Teardown: This Is The Way To Write Without Distractions, and…

While the Freewrite is the modern successor of the Alphasmart, I didn’t want to spend $500. Seriously, I’d rather buy anything else.

The Alphasmart Neo2 was mainly a practice keyboard for training typists. Now, it’s regarded as a curiosity from the 90s. The original Alphasmart Neo, and the older Alphsmart 3000, are much cheaper. It’s inflated in price since COVID-19 lockdowns started, so I guess I’m late to the bandwagon. Better late than never!

I can’t believe there’s a subreddit for the Alphasmart product line!

The Plan #

  1. Write down brainstorm snippets, outlines, and goals into a paper journal.
  2. Go to a coffee shop.
  3. Buy a coffee.
  4. Just type on a dumbboard for an hour.
  5. Every week, upload text to computer.
  6. Edit on the computer as needed.

I’ll let you know if this works out (when I actually get free time)