Word Count

Twelve chapters in “The Overzealous Healer” and I have written 18,895 words! This is a first for me, and such a long story. I don’t think I can keep up steam without burning out, so I’ll slow down (I still have classwork during Coronavirus lockdown, heh). A novel is 50,000+ words; I’m not even halfway there, but eventually I will be. I have about 4,400 words worth of snippets for the plot, and I’ve been fleshing out the outline with more adventures. I wonder at what point the plot will reach, if/when I hit 50,000.

I also want to create mugshots of each of the characters, but it takes a while to render them. I’ll see how far I can get without distracting myself from finishing the novel.

I recorded a timelapse video of making the cover.

Honestly, I hope this doesn’t sound self-indulgent, but I love this cover so much. I love the thematic representation. To be honest, I’m scared my writing will fall short of the cover, and fail to live up to its expectations. Sleeping boy with rosary hanging from hand, and a skeleton reaching for the rosary.