Word count update: May 4th

The Overzealous Healer’s word count on chapter 26: 45,273

I’m gonna need to do a lot of editing later, huh? Well it’s probably better to just finish the story than leave it half-told.

I have some exciting characters but I can’t share them because they’re from the far future. Damn.

I think at the 60,000 mark (standard novel minimum) the story will definitely start hitting spicy things. Very spicy.

I might have too many characters to develop. There’s like, 4 major characters and 6 side characters, and there will be more characters. Damn, why did I write myself into this mess! At least it’s a fun mess. I debate on whether to have huge exposition or try to weave in small tidbits of character backstory. Obviously weaving it in is preferable, but sometimes a huge cathartic monologue/breakdown might be fun for some of them.