Some Artwork

Heya, here’s a new banner image! Looks cool right? I’m glad with how the Chinese characters turned out, but I’m still working on that. This is just a sneak glimpse of a tablet that summarizes this story’s magic system. Unfortuantely English words are too long and don’t fit into circles, so that’s why I used Hanzi since I can represent a concept in a nutshell. Also, it will make it easier for any Chinese or Japanese readers to understand… hah…ha…

This banner will be for a new webnovel series that I have been planning. I’ve decided to call it ‘The Overzealous Healer.’ I can’t really think of anything else for the type of story. I need to get cover art done as soon as possible. There’s also a lot of other assets that I have behind the scenes.

I’ve been making improvments to the site. Hopefully I can get an image gallery up so that all the artwork can be posted! Oh, I’ll need a favicon for this website too. -sighs and scratches head-

Sometimes I get choked up with the series. I wonder if it’s too boring or if my writing is trash. Posting a draft to the public scares the bejeebus out of me. But I guess I should cry less and work more, hah 😭