The Death of Immortality

In Christian faith, the first sinner was Eve, who ate of the fruit that God commanded to ignore. The second sinner was Adam, who brought mortality upon man.

When Adam and Eve had both tasted the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the scales of justice meted out punishment, and they both felt the weight of shame, thus they hid.

When God found them, instead of asking for forgiveness, Adam attempted to tip the scales, and he blamed Eve for his folly.

God said, “Instead of using your immortal eyes to see infinity, you want to use time as an excuse? Because Eve ate before you, your actions are less accountable? Fine, you will become friends with time, and time will be your mistress, not Eve.”

Aye, mankind became bound to time. Immortality dulls the soul, but curiosity ignites the flame! We want what we don’t have. The fruit of the Tree of Life is useless to someone whose mouth was done with the taste of life!