Voice Practice Drill

An interesting thing you can do as a writer is convey the same situation through different personality types. Using MBTI as a starting point, I picked 3 types at random to convey the same emotion: impatience.

I’ve got an appointment at five o’ noon sharp, and I can barely afford to miss a beat. Do you know how many times I felt like itching my nose today? The scratching gets unbearable but I’m in the middle of a business meeting and so you can see my predicament. Whatever, if there’s a pill that’ll make my nose never itch again, I’d buy it, although on second thought I’d have to take it out of my organic milk budget. Isabel says that organic really makes a difference in taste, although I don’t believe her.

My appointment’s at five-thirty, and I’d do anything to skip it. However, I have a compulsion to fulfill all of my obligations. I cannot help but uphold public honor, even if it’s to my detriment. You know how much discipline it takes to stand still when your nose itches? Here’s yet another unnecessary meeting where I’ve repeated the same KPIs as last week’s. Easy work, but disingenuous and disgusting.

How long’s this meeting gonna take? The audience looks bored as fuck, and I’m about to fucking explode because my nose has been itching for the past century. How silly would it look for me, wearing a department store knockoff Givenchy suit, to wipe my sniffers with my sleeve? Too bad I’m supposed to care about my image. Is it evening yet so I can grab a beer and relax?

I vaguely based the narration on ENFP, ISTJ, and ESTP Myer-Briggs types. This exercise stretched my brain a lot and it was exhausting (the perils of being introverted).