Dying to Write

Today is the first day I got a domain name for my site. I suppose “dying to write” is hugely exaggerated, but I picked it because it sounds funny and it’s morbid.

My biggest concern is whether my blog should cover fiction writing exclusively. I do a lot of non-fiction writing too, and have a hard time staying in one lane. What happens if I blend both? I don’t want to alienate audiences with irrelevant content. If I categorize posts cleanly and have banners and sections for people to find content easily, will that do the trick?

I would like to remain semi-anonymous: I will not tell anybody in real life about this site, and word will spread exclusively through my online profile. This way, my motivation becomes mostly a non-factor. If I lose my job for some reason, tips and donations go right back into hosting and maintenance costs.

I’m not truly anonymous because I’ve already signed a contract linking my pen name to my legal name. If I sign more writing contracts in the future to submit short stories or novellas, all it takes is a data breach at any company to reveal my personal info. kek.

I’ve made several updates to my website.

  1. First, I converted the mobile Navigation Menu to CSS-only, so the website will work if JavaScript is disabled. JavaScript handles fancy extras, like hiding the Navigation Bar as you scroll down, but the main content is still accessible as normal. The next step is figuring out if the CSS menu is accessible to screen readers.
  2. I made the Blog page more in-line with what you’d expect from a blog.
  • The “About Me” section is short and sweet, although there’s a big gap where it looks like something should be there and I got nothing. Eventually I’ll fill the hole.
  • There’s a tag cloud.
  • The overall formatting is more consistent, and links should be more readable. Hopefully I don’t regret the strange choice of colors.
  1. For the homepage, I went ham with the accordion photo gallery. It’s a fullscreen, desktop-only experience, but that’s fine. The mobile version simply lists the categories out.