[WIP] Fifty Fifty-Word Fictions

Currently a work in progress. The goal is to reach fifty 50-word prompts. 14/50 done.

Orc #

Feb 12, 2021

You are the twin of my tusk, the breeze on my back.

Gazing into your raptor eyes, your fingers, wrought like fine jade, stroke my cheek.

I cry. Blessings I deserve not.

Together, we travel farther than the horse team, and endure years beyond the blunted axe.

I love you.

Ship #

Feb 19, 2021

The pegged shiller spake of how merfolk ride on tridents through the foam, how horsey shrinks on command to fit any pocket, and every winter hibernation the dragon sheds its mast-wings of which legendary vessels are sewn. “Our models range from Seafork, Seahorse, and our commercial carrier, Seadragon. Waddaya think?”

Enchant #

Mar 5, 2021

Makes you believe, the elixir of charm,
Your cowardly steed now battle charge;
Lording over a prosperous farm
After demolishing a rival targe;
Here’s a bubble bath prepared with rose
Come, let your problems melt and settle,
The witch requires your excellent toes;
Sprinkled the salt and sealed the kettle

Dawn #

April 16, 2021

Americans meet with European teams by beating the dawn. To catch Asian teams, gotta stay up forsaken hours. Globalized companies celebrate more holidays, which bosses begrudgingly allow. Remote work ain’t nothing like facetime. Still, most refuse doing business with the teleporter. Interdimensional connection stable, chamber scrubbed pristine. No accidents, yet.

Troll #

Dec 10, 2021

Never have I ever trolled Hally River. Don’t wanna see what can keep up with me. The village won’t believe, that when I was wee who glimpsed the creature that outswam grandad. It wanted more than the cow liver dangled 'hind. Shoal loaded spring blowgun, the curse ends by me.

Justice #

Dec 20, 2021

Form the clay, fire the kiln, stoop earthen pot to represent heavenly lot
Paper scraps, colorful glue, sparkling lametta hanged by twine
O’ver the tree a piñata brought, tar and feather, oily hot
Strike with bat, strike with match, conical arm star spills over ground
Burn white red heathen crowns

Blessed #

Dec 25, 2021

If you want forgiveness, you’re going to bleed for it. Water these burnt clovers which were planted for the llamas. Drip in agony over this spear; may your head be the sceptre jewel of a new dynasty. Your passing is catalyst, break of dawn, quenching rain to a moral desert.

Wear #

Feb 26 2022

Bear head hat engulfs her face. Jag teeth necklace guards her collar. Pelt patch dress curling up the edges. She wields a whip by its hardened leather. Wearing many faces, a huntress hides her skin from the game. Small trap, future catch. “Bait birds with crumbs, feed pigs with thumbs.”

Flower #

Mar 4 2022

Light as bells, wrapped in regal green
Lilies of the valley
Dance with squidlet white pleats
Pale drops garnish quaint shade
Whose laurels drink, unmatched in sheen
From fins and dew made
Flowers puff gently
Like bubbles rising out of the marsh
Flawless, not a speck of lint
Pure poison

Exploration #

March 14, 2022

The place of hooped time
Where a lake peters into a myriad cells, like pomegranate
Each seed suspended by delusions
Poking past gelatinous scenes
Trapped around stern fate
Set your fools on gilded paths
Explorers tread bitterly
To follow seemingly unfollowed ways
Glorious failure won’t matter after success or death

Conviction #

March 31 2022

Chase many cries tolerate no delays face skyward heavens candor challenge torrent tethered gasket acrid turnkey cannon ignite no time to waste brass ears cover earthen tremors rattle bones bounce dainty ants the weak are sick of the mighty so we’ll see you in the final race sayonara wretched jays.

Forge #

April 5th 2022

Sweet letters penned under silky drink
And velvet layers soothe a glass heart
But know the paper somehow stinks
Insurance begrudging when cash bag part
Claims for relatives who exist only in name
Lips touch a swirl of wine rosée
Just business that just became
Addictively bankrupt with fabulous pay

Soulless #

July 5th, 2022

“Have you found any answers for your case?”

“As long as the bolts are rusting, I’ll gain a lead eventually."

“Doesn’t it frustrate you? The lack of progress?”

“I observe you repeating phrases about mentality. I don’t generate impetus resonances like humans. What motivates you to treat me this way?”

Radar #

July 10th, 2022

Around 1:20 AM, in the middle of the night, I heard a strange barking. Dog-like, with more finesse than a domesticated mutter could chuff. Then bleating, similar to that of a screaming child. The bleats went on for waves, intermixed with terse cries, pinning the air onto my neck.