How to edit if you are an "underwriter"

Your creative writing prose goes too fast. Unlike many writers, who pour out words of senseless generosity, your style is terse. You're an underwriter. But why?

[Review] The Lure of the Basilisk by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Featuring a non-human protagonist, the imposing Garth has a simple wish: to be remembered well.

Codelab Theme for Mkdocs

A theme for Mkdocs Material replicating Google Codelabs.

[Review] Neuromancer by William Gibson

Neuromancer is very much a worldbuilding, smell-the-silicone type of story, a techno-thriller with exotic junkyards and gritty space debris floating around at every bend.

Technical Writing Portfolio Ideas

Generally, teams hiring a technical writer want to know: are you allergic to technology?

Christmas Journal Capsule

I’m doing a big cleanout of my parents’ place. I’ve already thrown out many notebooks without saving any snippets, but this time I felt a bit sentimental after reading through early stuff. Transcribed my diary and school journal entries; kept all errors.