[Short story] Hadrian the Bandit

He feels nervous about going out. It took only one day to recover from his injury, but several months to muster enough courage to step out of his room. His robes have ridiculously long sleeves that cover his hands, and a winding sash that coils thrice around the torso. Hadrian prefers loose pants for his legs to move freely, but also because the robes impart a flavor that is too effeminate and rich for his taste. He grew up in the streets and he was good at fighting.

Review of All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

This is a novella about overcoming traps that other people set.

[Short story] Thyme

Here’s a completely mundane story about the time Teresa made tea from thyme.

Are online friends real?

This is kind of topic that will always be debated. Given my non-chalant attitude about everything, my answer is, “I don’t really care if they’re real or not, I only care about if I care about them.” Can you quantify the amount of fucks given? Can you put a number on how much you care?

Review of The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

It’s a story of a protagonist who works in the hospitality industry. At her job, she goes about observing people and making snide comments about society.

Docs-as-code: the experience of writing objective content

As I’m trying to navigate this whole “corporate technical docmentation” gig, I’d like to do a crossover between different types of writing disciplines.